“Following and Inviting Others to Follow Christ”

Dear Inquirer, 

Please consider joining us at SeaChange Christ Community. We are a fellowship of Christ followers who humbly seek to build God’s kingdom by following and inviting others to follow Christ, especially those people who are not affiliated with a church. It is our prayer-filled desire to seek a part-time pastor whom God may be calling to this new ministry.  We are praying blessing upon you as you seek God's plan, by the guidance of his Holy Spirit, for your future and unique calling in God’s kingdom work. 

Anchorage has one of the lowest church attendance rates in the country and the “harvest is plenty.”  The city is situated on the edge of the “last frontier,” and folks are often drawn to the grandeur of the extraordinarily beautiful natural surroundings.  It is a community characterized by a diverse population and independent thinking people. 

SeaChange Christ Community began meeting informally in Anchorage in November of 2013.  Prior to this, several members from two separate PCUSA churches in this medium-sized city came together for prayer, asking the Lord’s guidance for direction in light of the sweeping changes occurring within PCUSA.  In time it was determined that we were being led to join with other Presbyterians across the country to explore the possibility of planting a church within the then newly formed Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO).  We met regularly for worship services, Bible studies and other activities for approximately two years before we became an official ECO church plant in August of 2014. 

In April of 2016, we were welcomed into ECO as a church, no longer a church plant, joining the six other churches in the Alaska Presbytery. While the other ECO churches are all situated in Southeast Alaska, the rest of the vast State of Alaska, including the larger municipalities of Anchorage and Fairbanks, have no ECO congregations other than our own.            

SeaChange Christ Community consists on average of 20-30 people who meet together on Sunday evenings.  We gather for worship  in South Anchorage, including on the hiking trails in the nearby mountains and at homes where we serve those needing practical help and encouragement.  The people who make up SeaChange Christ Community are from mixed backgrounds.  Although some of our members have been affiliated with a church, just as many come with little or no faith or church background.           

The core group, which makes up our governing board, is dedicated to the goal of outreach into the immediate community and to Anchorage at large to bring the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ to those who are largely unchurched. We seek to do this without being the leastwise "ashamed" about the "testimony of our Lord" and on "Whom we have believed" (2 Timothy1:12).  We aim to always be prepared to "give the reason for the hope that is within us," and do this with "humbleness and respect"(1 Peter 3:15).  Our operating principal with regard to leadership is that of servant-leadership; that is, simply to serve as Christ has come to serve to this age. 

From our inception, we have had the blessing of the support of a Presbyterian pastor, recently ordained in ECO.  He has graciously provided pulpit supply, led Bible studies, and helped in numerous ways.  As he is employed full time elsewhere (he is a chaplain in the Alaska Army National Guard) and our mission is expanding, we believe we are being led in a new direction. This, as well as other indicators, has prompted us now to seek a pastor in the capacity of a part-time position. 

We are now at the point in our ministry where the Lord has blessed us sufficiently to explore the possibility of hiring an ordained pastor or a person who is seeking ordination in ECO on a part-time basis. We believe the Holy Spirit may be leading someone to this wonderful and beautiful place called Alaska to join us in serving SeaChange Christ Community and its unique mission.            

It is our prayer that this capsulated introduction to SeaChange Christ Community and vision of its mission will resonate with the person the Lord has gifted for this very special, challenging, and decidedly unique call.  If you sense this may be something God is preparing for you, or if you have questions, please contact us at rohara111@gmail.com or feel free to give Rebecca O'Hara a call at (907) 727-0698.  We would be happy to discuss SeaChange further and provide more detailed information.

 In His Name,

Governing Board of SeaChange Christ Community